Al-Anon Information Services Board of Trustees

Chairperson Sharon Steinman *2019-2022
Co-Chair Annissa Graves *2018-2022
Secretary Shayna Mahan 2020-2023
Liaison Lisa Baker-Casey 2020-2023
Member-at-Large Eric Smith 2020-2023
Member-at-Large Beverly Park 2020-2023
Member-at-Large Susan Andrews 2020-2023
Member-at-Large Laurie Norman 2019-2022

*Extended in November 2018 for 1 year

If anyone needs to contact a trustee please contact the AIS office at 405-767-9071 or email to and the information will be forwarded to the trustee.

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Where we are:

Oklahoma City Al-Anon Information Service Office
Phone: 405.767.9071 (24/7)

Edgewater Building 3, 3801 NW 63rd St  Suite #129, Oklahoma 

Entrance on North side of bldg

City, OK 73116 
Office hours: 
Monday thru Thursday
10:00 am – 2:30 pm